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Fall in love with Spain, where food, friends, family and fun rule all. Whether you're looking to follow royal footsteps in Madrid, lose yourself in Barcelona's sea breeze, or tame the brave bull in mythical Andalucía, adventure awaits around every corner.

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Spain today

In Spain, we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, whether that be by dancing to flamenco guitar until sunrise, hiking along the dazzlingly green northern coast or sharing a rousing conversation over the world’s best food and wine. Our small country is so culturally and geographically diverse that it is poised to seduce, as well as surprise you. From architecture in Barcelona and music in Andalusia, to food in the Basque country and art in Madrid.
Spain is bursting with opportunities to be inspired, to laugh and to fall in love. If we have one goal at Made for Spain & Portugal, it is to use our connections to grant you exclusive access to the most unique experiences, in order to share the contagious zest for life of the Spanish people.

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Spain is a country full of history, character and mystery. We want to take you straight to the soul of our enigmatic land by leading you through our most emblematic traditions, our favorite secret spots, and the rhythm of Spanish daily life. Choose the experiences that interest you to begin building your trip of a lifetime.

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The beauty of Spain lies in its ability to transform before your very eyes. Watch in awe as the glistening Mediterranean in the south turns to desert, and then, to emerald hills and rugged coastline as you venture further north. Each region is distinct, and proud of its contribution to the country’s culture, lying quietly in wait to charm its next visitor. Where will your journey begin?

  • “Virginia is so passionate about her native country that planning a trip through it is, for her, truly a labor of love”

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  • “Spanish Passport “Any travel company can arrange tours”, says Alonso Alvarez de Toledo, cofounder of the Madrid travel specialist Made for Spain. “We connect our clients with people we know”. And Toledo and partner, Virginia Irurita know everyone...”

  • “Virginia has a little black book thick with the names of local experts, museum curators, architects, chefs, flamenco dancers, eager to show you their little corners of the Iberian peninsula. She can guide you to the country that is best for your needs..... Her bespoke itineraries are wide-ranging: A one-day cruise shore excursion, a month-long honeymoon, a corporate retreat in the wine country, a cultural tour for museum benefactors, all are within her purview. ”

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