Made for Spain & Portugal Hotel Awards 2017-2018Made for Spain & Portugal Hotel Awards 2017-2018

Award Winners in Spain

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Award Winners in Spain

Our clients know that Spain is much more than Andalucía and Barcelona, and over the past twenty years we have delighted in showing them the lesser-known side of Spain with insider access to locals-only experiences. While we are big supporters of our larger partners, such as the Villa Magna and the Ritz Mandarin Oriental in Madrid, or the Hotel Majestic, Mandarin Oriental and Arts in Barcelona, we want to extend our signature access to local culture by highlighting smaller hotels that are often hidden in the shadows of such magnificent, big hotels.

Our award winners include properties throughout Spain, from smack in the middle of the big cities to deep in the countryside, offering guidance to those discerning travelers that want to wander off the beaten tourist path.

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