Private Madrid Cooking Class in the Home of a Professional Chef

The chef will welcome you into her luxurious Madrid home where you will attend a professional cooking class in her atelier.

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Private Madrid Cooking Class in the Home of a Professional Chef

After you master the recipes, you will enjoy your meal in her spacious living-dining room, surrounded by a remarkable collection of Spanish art and a crackling fireplace.

Though based in Madrid, your host and instructor was born in Barcelona. She is known in the Spanish culinary circles for her Mediterranean cuisine, as well as French and Asian specialties the she elevates with a creative touch.


She studied at the prestigious Cordon Bleu School in Paris, as well as in Barcelona, Zurich, Bali and throughout Asia.

Her personal relationships with the top Spanish chefs, and her time in the kitchens of Spain’s culinary stars, Ferran Adrià and Juan Marí Arzak, has given her first-hand knowledge of the many secrets of avant-garde European cooking.

  • Ruth and Rick Edelson

    “We are dizzy with facts and are just beginning our gastronomic and alcoholic recovery program! While we so enjoyed our lunch at the one star Michelin resturant, perhaps our more memorable food experiences were lunch at the Con Rafols dels Caus vineyard with David and our cooking session at Canela. These were the home made meals that we so enjoyed.”

  • “Virginia has a little black book thick with the names of local experts, museum curators, architects, chefs, flamenco dancers, eager to show you their little corners of the Iberian peninsula. She can guide you to the country that is best for your needs..... Her bespoke itineraries are wide-ranging: A one-day cruise shore excursion, a month-long honeymoon, a corporate retreat in the wine country, a cultural tour for museum benefactors, all are within her purview. ”

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  • Harriet Ulrich

    “We love Barcelona! We had a terrific week and are now in San Sebastián which is a VERY wonderful surprise. We have a FABULOUS upgraded room at the Maria Cristina that we both never want to leave. This hotel is tops! Made for Spain is doing an outstanding job. Our guides so far have been beyond perfection!”

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