Private Canoe Trip in Segovia

The waters of the Duratón River run through deep gorges in the park that bears its name.

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Private Canoe Trip in Segovia

The park has become a spectacular refuge for numerous birds of prey, including eagles and, primarily, the Griffon vulture, so don’t forget your binoculars!

Situated in the northeast of Segovia, the park stands out due to its archaeological and historical riches, coupled with its natural beauty. Past the city of Sepúlveda, the waters of the river go through a canyon, with falls of over 100 meters.

Enjoy a day of canoeing, bird watching and natural wonders with your guide. If you’re interested and time allows, it can also be arranged to go on two types of basic hikes: one starting from above and skirting the abyss, and the other from below, following the bank of the river.

  • “But for some travelers, money isn’t the issue; it’s getting exactly what you want, when you want it. As Rozanne Silverwood of Reston, Va., says of her family’s recent two weeks with local operator Made for Spain: It was a dream trip in every way. Our guides were superb, and drivers made the experience a vacation rather than a headache. They even managed to engage our three teenage daughters in the local culture,now that’s really saying something.”

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