Madrid Children’s Creativity Workshop

In this workshop, children will be given a notebook to create an “artist’s diary” as we travel through Madrid’s Las Cortes neighborhood.

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Madrid Children’s Creativity Workshop

After discovering and illustrating some of the secrets of the neighborhood, like the dancing dolls of the Groupama clock and the mystery of the bronze lions, participants will convene in a local artist's workshop where they will paint their own Don Quijote and Sancho Panza mini-sculptures to take home.

Among other activities, the children will be invited to learn a few steps of Madrid’s traditional dance, the “chotis,” and visit one of the city’s famous museums where they will be inspired and encouraged to create their own masterpieces.

  • “While Spain is a family-centered culture—it's common for generations to live together or near each other—it isn't child-centered. There are no such things as children's menus. “Kids menus! You Americans are crazy!” Virginia Irurita, owner of Made for Spain, a Madrid-based luxury tour operator, had said, laughing, when I asked her about it. “Children eat what we eat, of course!”


    “My kids, husband, and I seem to be traveling the globe. In three years, we’ve been to The Galapagos, Africa, Italy, and Spain. Every place has been spectacular, but something wonderful and unexpected was found in Spain. Thank you, Made For Spain, for helping us to find it.”

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