El Rastro Madrid Flea Market Tour

As Europe’s largest outdoor market, El Rastro is quite the shopping experience, as well as a great way to understand the city’s lifestyle.

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El Rastro Madrid Flea Market Tour

Here, your guide will help you navigate the hundreds of stalls to find everything from antiques, leather goods, imported items, and textiles, to clothing, souvenirs, and paintings.

The haggling experience will make even professional shoppers hungry, so once you’ve got your goodies, you will be treated to the classic Madrid breakfast of chocolate con churros. The best way to enjoy this rich snack is sitting at a table at a Gran Via sidewalk café, so you can relax and enjoy the bustle of the madrileños passing by. If time allows, we will make our final stop at The Retiro Park, Madrid’s dazzling green gem. The park is almost four hundred years old and has undergone many transformations; from hosting illustrious parties and theatrical performances to abandonment and destruction. Today, the park is a splendid sanctuary in the midst of a vibrant city, hosting a number of impressive structures, gardens and exhibits.

  • “But for some travelers, money isn’t the issue; it’s getting exactly what you want, when you want it. As Rozanne Silverwood of Reston, Va., says of her family’s recent two weeks with local operator Made for Spain: It was a dream trip in every way. Our guides were superb, and drivers made the experience a vacation rather than a headache. They even managed to engage our three teenage daughters in the local culture,now that’s really saying something.”

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