Immersion to the World of Flamenco in Madrid with an Expert Host

Explore the art of flamenco.

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Immersion to the World of Flamenco in Madrid with an Expert Host

Flamenco, inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is one of the most fascinating arts in history.

Its mysterious roots lead to Moorish, Andalusian and, of course, Gypsy influences, and tales of love, joy, grief, pain and oppression. To truly understand it, you must immerse yourself in the world of flamenco, learning about the culture, history and emotion that surrounds it. Unfortunately for most visitors, this world of flamenco can be closed off to outsiders, and you must know someone on the inside to gain access. Our hosts are deeply involved in the flamenco culture, and live their lives among the elite artists. They are the first people in Spain of their caliber to give travelers such direct access , inviting you to experience the heart and soul of flamenco.

The first stop on your journey to flamenco immersion is a traditional guitar workshop where artisans still build the guitars by hand, an artform in and of itself. Your host will introduce you to the craftsmen and chat with you about what makes flamenco guitar different from classical guitar, and the importance of workshops like this one in the conservation of the craft. Next, you will visit the most renowned school of flamenco in Madrid to learn about the formation of the artists, and what it takes to become a star.

End the night with a fabulous flamenco show, where your host will provide guidance and answer any questions that arise. There are many different types of songs and styles of dance throughout a performance, and your host will be able to offer commentary on such subtle details. By the end of the evening, instead of just having seen dancing and singing, you will have a long-lasting appreciation of this beautiful, rich and moving art form. As a result, your flamenco experience will be much more profound and memorable

  • “Dance of the Gypsies: Learn flamenco from a professional dancer in Granada. The private lesson takes place in a cave that was inhabited by gypsies, the originators of flamenco, as far back as the fifteenth century—the ideal setting for this dance. Tapas, sangria, and live guitar and drum accompaniment will keep your feet moving.”

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