Private Tour of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cordoba

All three of the religions of Spain’s history have at one point called the southern gem of Cordoba home.

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Private Tour of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cordoba

The historic and Jewish quarters still preserve traces of the ancient splendor of the their former residents, now forming a complex network of narrow streets filled with Andalusian flavor.

Our private guide will take you through the three masterpieces of Cordoba’s rich history: the Cathedral-Mosque, one of three surviving synagogues in Spain, and the Catholic monarchs’ Alcazar. The Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba is the universal symbol of Muslim heritage in Europe and one of history’s most extraordinary works of art, as a Catholic cathedral suddenly unfolds before your eyes in the middle of the mosque.

A few blocks away is the splendid synagogue, whose walls are carved with Andalusian-style decoration and Hebrew texts, allowing us to experience one of the few remnants of Jewish flourishing in Spain. And, finally we will visit the Alcazar, which is a perfect illustration of the development of Cordoba’s architecture through the ages, as Roman and Visigoth ruins lie side by side with the Arabic remains inside.

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