Experience the Catalan Tradition of Castellers in Barcelona

The traditional Catalonian theme of “strength, balance, courage and wisdom,” is reflected in the construction of human towers, or Els Castellers, stacking people up 10 levels high.

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Experience the Catalan Tradition of Castellers in Barcelona

This custom is Catalonia’s unique contribution to the diverse Spanish culture.

The smallest members of the troupe scramble to get to the top

The smallest members of the troupe scramble to get to the top

Seeing a castellers performance allows you to understand the struggle to unite forces to achieve an objective. Through solidarity and the inclusion of people of all ages and conditions, families, friends, neighbors and even strangers work together towards the same goal. It is a moving performance for both participants and observers, inspiring passion, pride and a zest for challenge.

  • Judie and Richard

    “We just returned yesterday afternoon, from a wonderful trip to Spain. Starting in Barcelona, our guide was terrific. We saw him for 3 days and found him very informative and fun… We enjoyed the Penedes wine tour and the castellers experience (human towers!) amazing. I would say that Valencia was fun to see…The best part, the architecture and the paella!!”

  • Nathalie Nagy
    Travel agent at Protravel International

    “My clients had such a great time in Barcelona that they have decided they wish to return to Spain and see more!”

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