Spa Day at a Granada Hammam

Located at the foot of the Alhambra, above the ruins of an original public bath, this hammam pampers you with the comforting massage and aromas and flavors of the past that make an Arab bath so special.

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Spa Day at a Granada Hammam

Follow the structure of the original andalusí hammam by enjoying the hot, warm and cold pools at your own pace.

At the end comes the steam room, which you can enjoy as often as you like during the session. Between dips in the pools, take a break in the relaxation room. Stay hydrated by sipping on refreshing mint tea, and let life’s stresses melt away.

  • “Next, soak in the fourteenth-century 3 Hammams al Ándalus baths, decorated with brightly colored tiles. “The baths have been modernized, but they use age-old treatments,” Irurita explains.”

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