The Sevilla Feria de Abril with a Local Host

Seville’s April Fair is known worldwide as the Spanish party to beat all parties, and you have the opportunity not only to attend, but also to celebrate with the locals in their private casetas, or tents.

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The Sevilla Feria de Abril with a Local Host

Your Sevillano host will invite you to join the festivities in one of the tents that fill the fairgrounds, where locals parade around in the traditional costumes, drink sherry rebujitos and dance and sing until six or seven in the morning.

Most casetas belong to prominent Sevillano families, private institutions, or even political parties, and you must absolutely know a member to be granted entrance. It is very rare for a visitor to get an authentic taste of Feria, so get fitted for your traje de gitana and prepare for a legendary party.

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