Visit to a Brave Bull’s Ranch Outside of Sevilla

As you drive northwest of Seville, where serene landscape meets clear skies, our ranch appears on the horizon surrounded by a succession of gentle rolling hills, evergreen oaks, eucalypts and wild olive trees.

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Visit to a Brave Bull’s Ranch Outside of Sevilla

The property extends over 625 hectares, where 500 head of cattle can be found grazing peacefully.

It is only the appearance of the “toro bravo”, or fighting bull, that occasionally disturbs this tranquility. The homestead, which has stood for more than a century, exudes an ambience of authenticity as time-honored tradition is preserved in preference to modern trends.  The men and women who take care of the bulls will exhibit the love and respect that one comes to feel for these magnificent beasts.  The ranch offers guests the opportunity to observe the animals at close proximity from a tractor-pulled trailer, by watching a “tentadero,” or visiting the museum that recounts the bull-breeding history of the property. At the end of the visit you will enjoy a typical aperitif with olives, cheese, local wine and sangria, to top off a truly Spanish experience.

  • “Made for Spain can arrange … a visit to Andalusia's premier estate where fighting bulls are bred”

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