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  • Guided Tour of the Alhambra by Night

    Guided Tour of the Alhambra by Night

    Francisco de Icaza said it best: there’s nothing like the sorrow of being blind in Granada.

All the refinement, wealth and delicacy of Islamic art and architecture reached its climax in this fortress, residence and royal city all rolled into one. The floral engraving on the walls, idyllic Generalife garden and constant, calming sound of fountains embody the strength of sumptuous Muslim tradition. At sunset, the reddish-brown walls of the palace glow beneath the stars, and the snowcapped Sierra Nevada seems to sparkle in the background. Stroll around the grounds, where the Moorish royalty used to recite poetry with their lovers, and take in the breathtaking views of the mythical city nestled between mountain and sea.