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  • Private San Sebastián Pintxo Tour

    Private San Sebastián Pintxo Tour

    In the Basque country, people meet up with friends, family and colleagues on a day-to-day basis for pintxo-hopping.
Northern Spain

A pintxo hop consits of popping in to 3 or 4 bars to enjoy mini bites of exquisite Basque cuisine alongside some txakolí, wine or beer. Whereas the bars in Barcelona and Madrid keep their tapas behind glass cases along the bar, in San Sebastian, the pintxos are beautifully laid out for all to see, covet, and snatch up.

Basque pintxos in Spain
Basque pintxos in Spain

Want to join in on the fun? Well, get ready for pintxos at some of the best bars in the city.. Your host will take you both the popular bars and her secret spots!