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  • Private Guided Walking Tour of Santiago de Compostela

    Private Guided Walking Tour of Santiago de Compostela

    Visit the highlights of this pilgrim destination with your local guide
Northern Spain

Spend the morning walking the medieval streets of Santiago de Compostela. Along the walk, visit the Plaza del Obradoiro, whose name is said to come from «Obra de Oro» (work of gold), and be that true or not it is really shining. It forms the center of a town that seems to be a museum featuring many unique buildings. The Cathedral, whose construction of the Cathedral started in 1075, when the town arrived to the climax of its importance. The chapel, Capilla del Salvador, is still conserved of this oldest epoch. The second phase, after the wedding of Doña Urraca and Raimundo of Bourgogne, shows influences of french Romanesque style, as well as a style that is all Santiago’s own, the so-called Románico Compostelano. The Obradoiro Facade (to which later on were added Baroque elements) and the towers Torre de las Campanas and Torre de la Carraca were made at this time. Through the Obradoiro Door you enter the so-called Old Cathedral, a Romanesque crypt with the first vaults of groined arches that were ever built in Spain. The sculptures of the Portico de la Gloria, another entrance door, are considered some of the most important works of medieval art.