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  • Private Tour of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cordoba

    Private Tour of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Cordoba

    All three of the religions of Spain’s history have at one point called the southern gem of Cordoba home.

Our private guide will take you through the three masterpieces of Cordoba’s rich history: the Cathedral-Mosque, one of three surviving synagogues in Spain, and the Catholic monarchs’ Alcazar. The Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba is the universal symbol of Muslim heritage in Europe and one of history’s most extraordinary works of art, as a Catholic cathedral suddenly unfolds before your eyes in the middle of the mosque.

A few blocks away is the splendid synagogue, whose walls are carved with Andalusian-style decoration and Hebrew texts, allowing us to experience one of the few remnants of Jewish flourishing in Spain. And, finally we will visit the Alcazar, which is a perfect illustration of the development of Cordoba’s architecture through the ages, as Roman and Visigoth ruins lie side by side with the Arabic remains inside.