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  • Visit to an Underwater Winery off the Basque Coast

    Visit to an Underwater Winery off the Basque Coast

    Throughout history, the bottles of wine found on sunken ships around the world have surprised experts with their rewarding flavors and preservation, and inspired an innovative project in northern Spain.
Northern Spain

In the bay of Plentzia, 15 meters below sea level, an undersea oenological laboratory has been built, where wines, txakolis and ciders from the Basque Country as well as the rest of Spain are aged.


There are a variety of wines that wine-makers, biologists and oenologists analyze in order to study the influence which marine environment conditions have on their maturation. Founded with the purpose of studying the aging of wine (and, now, beer) under the influence of the marine environment, the innovative project is 100% respectful of the environment. You will be welcomed and guided by one of the founders and directors of the project who will teach you about the wine project first hand.